SEO Linkbuilding strategies for our website

seo linkbuildingThe link building is essential to position our website.

Generate, attract and get links or links is essential for the visibility and positioning of our websites up through the roof according to the seo’s at


And there are plenty of ways to get it. Do not use them all at once, but as we can agree some or other implement that most interest us at all times.

Here are some:

He founded a blog. It is the most basic and fundamental tactics. Through it you can distribute and receive links. Another thing is, in turn, position and make this blog interesting to function as such, but that’s another matter …

Make others to link to you and vice versa. A good link exchange is always productive for both parties, ensuring that the content is quality.

Interact. We are in the era of mass media. Try to create beneficial relationships and linking from forums, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Get wet with education. The edu links are very prestigious and much lend themselves to exchange so as far as possible, Get involved with the student world offering discounts to students, introducing you to blogs, visiting universities …

Sign in with your reference community. This is simple taking clear who our target audience and knowing move our business environment. It’s like talking the same language.

As always, content. If itself are important because, if moving between other blogs and create a guest network and, in turn, invite you in different places, the chances of linkbuilding grow even more.

Graphics, interviews, photos … The interactive content, provided that it is not too, will encourage your site and will be rewarded with more than one link.

Widgets and plugins. By installing these simple programs on your website or blog, you will promote further social exchange and, therefore, the link.

Participate in other sites. If you are an active participant in networks and blogs and your comments are valued, you will not be difficult from time to time create a quality link to your site or other interest: If you interest, you linked.

There are many more methods, but to start you can try to implement these and see how you get results. Later we will see some more.

10 tips For SEO

seo tipslantear and the successful completion of a good SEO strategy is a combination of several factors and tactics related to each other. Let 10 basis points to consider.

1- Internet Age improves SEO according to information provided with Click Depot Atlanta SEO Services

Time is on our side. This is one of the premises that we pass on to our customers when we propose an SEO strategy for your website.
2 Design and Content

The content is very important, I agree, but as much or more, as appropriate, as is the ease of use of the website, ie the latter design offers the user.
3 Control churners our website

Avoid the “bounce” if we landed on a page in which we are supposed to offer a free service and the first thing we see is a sign in red with written as normal assumption is that the client ipso facto marche … The pity is that the sign did not belong to our page if one of our partners: visit Ricochet singing !!
4 Internal Links help our positioning

Internal links from your pages should be another point to care, especially the bigger and more content you have the site. The nofollow tag for links that are of interest to your visitors (or bots !!) is a tool to consider.
Keyword density 5-

The keyword density is high on this SEO positioning, the golden rule is usually that the density should not exceed 5% of the total words on your page. If you spend seekers may think you’re a spammer, but if you run short positions may be lost in the search engines: either it’s a matter of putting the keyword every few !! Always take care that the content is quality and Adapt to context.
Quality links 6-

Links to other interesting web sites and that they will back the move is a good way to make sure that search engine robots will crawl regularly. Again the contents, both your site as you link the play a decisive role: they are both of interest is fundamental.
Titles 7- attractive user

Give a Slap in the teeth to your visitor !! If you encounter a shocking, funny, witty, provocative … holder will have many more options to stay, read and recommend.
Correct use of the 8-headed

The correct use of the structure of header tags (h1, h2, h3 …) is very important: we must try to distribute them and use them well head so that each serve the purpose you have and explain the content blocks. Search engines value them much.
Transparency 9- user

Often use logic and sincerity to the visitor is the best strategy: be honest and give the best you can be and have or make it as friendly as possible rarely works.
10-Lean on professional

Hiring professionals such as consultation is also a guarantee of success, the nephew of my neighbor may be a handyman with computers and the internet to manage well, but probably will not be able to design a good and smart SEO strategy.

How to Improve SEO in Google

seo improvementSelling on the Internet is one of the most complicated actions in the world, and increasingly more because there is increasing competition linked to the customer are usually much more demanding. Today we rely on to offer some tips on how to improve seo on Prfor better search engine positioning  factors to consider when working with our online store.
Optimize 1-  store for search engines

The first step is to give our online shop suitable for search engines, this will consist of having a certain minimum quality guidelines. These guidelines are based on the page to follow a certain hierarchy and structure that the search engines themselves advise us to improve seo.  In our store, we will make these settings by activating the seo module that comes standard. This module will be us that our friendly urls search engine, vitally important. In a later chapter I will discuss how to optimize for search engines structurally.
2 Keep unique content for each product.

Avoid any kind of duplication of products, as well as descriptions and the like. Do not copy-paste descriptions of your products on other websites, try them unique or modify in any way possible. This can be in some cases one of the most tedious jobs, but we take great care to google do not get confused and can interpret several products as duplicate content. Although it is a long distance race, with these improvements will leverage the seo and eventually get represented in visits advantages that will enable us and increase our sales.
3 Do not forget to put captions to images

Subtitles for pictures is a way to tell Google what’s in the picture, using this field,adds a description to the image fulfilling one of the guidelines that will help us that our products have good positioning while improving seo our globally to meet these quality standards.

How Google Plus Effects SEO

effective seoAlthough it is far from clear and can not be sure as it is not known which is exactly the algorithm Google uses to rank a website, the main influence of Google Plus searches lies in impact or relevance has your profile in the social network.

This relevance is calculated from the volume of + 1s, shares and comments you may have your content by doing  – search engine optimization services on Google+.

A part of trying to get the maximum amount of + 1s, shares and comments also another factor that may be considered relevant by Google and therefore can improve your SEO, is the number of people including you in their circles. Something to keep in mind the SEO work you’re going to make.

The greater the number of people that includes you in their circles, the better. It should also be noted that not all accounts are in your circles have the same power as there are profiles that are much more influential than others. Therefore no need to be in the circles of many people if these accounts are not trusted by Google.
Therefore, the most important thing is to get people to add you to their circles naturally and get a share as large as possible in your Google+ profile to share and comment on your posts and to click on +1.

Get this involvement is really difficult unless you have a very large audience, or if your brand does not have a great influence in your niche. However, this can be done with work and effort. Then I leave a number of good practices that can help you to achieve this involvement and participation in your Google+ account.

Publish your posts to the public: When you create a new post on your Google+ account you can decide this for all users or only display limit it to people who are in your circles. Therefore, do not post your updates to the public means losing a significant extent.
Answer people in your profile: When someone leaves a comment on one of your posts, be sure to always respond. If someone gives you a +1 just add in your circles.
He mentions other: Usename command to mention others who may be relevant to your niche. This may allow you to set and create interesting conversations partnerships.
Participate in communities: Comment and publish content in communities with a large number of members is a great opportunity to make yourself known among people interested in what you offer on your blog or website.

I hope this article helps and you can start getting results from your Google+ account. Do not forget that it is a relatively new social network that is growing at a high speed. Perhaps right now you do not have the potential of Twitter and Facebook but I assure you it will in the near future.

Mistakes in Blog SEO Part 3

When I explain that we would be good if Google can not locate the post unique world with exactly that title and that any user will find this title in particular.

This is a typical error also occurs in many other areas is that we confuse our desired reality.

seo mistake 1

Something similar happens with the people who ride shop something they are passionate about doing a market survey to ascertain if a demand for your offer actually exists, confident that as they would like that to be successful or yes, until the harsh reality makes them fall on a Limb, most of the time, accompanied by real economic and personal drama.

This is normal because it is human, but as soon learns to overcome the innate tendency we have to think this way. Do not fall into this error, it will significantly impede progression of your blog, maybe even to the point that you never get off the ground.

Once you clear the niche or niches in the position you want, studies how people search in that niche. A very affordable and practical way is to simply talk to people that match the profile of the reader to whom you lead and ask openly why you would search to find specific information (that you offer on your blog).

It is also interesting to experiment with tools like the free keyword tool for Google Adwords since there can “pivot” around keywords. That is, if you put a key word like “love”, you will see which combinations of words containing this the people do their searches. A great source of ideas.

Something similar happens with Google Instant: if you type “make” in Google, the search engine will suggest you the most common searches done with the word “fashion”. An excellent track to detect interesting keywords for your topic.

And another thing: do not let yourself be fooled by the “aesthetics” of language. That is, “trendy affordable children” sounds better than “cheap fashion kids”, but the second search which is done far more often, therefore, it is this that interests you, it sounds more “seedy”.
If this topic interests you blogging, not miss our collection of the best resources for blogs & bloggers
4 Do not burden your SEO with duplicate content

One of the steps that Google has introduced in recent years to detect “fraudulent” and low quality sites is the detection of duplicate content. Therefore, eye copy content from other sites. Besides being unethical, seen how Google works now, generally does not make much sense because mortgage positioning that content (and your blog) for life.

Mistakes in Blog SEO Part 4

seo mistake 4The really bad thing about this is that Google makes mistakes sometimes, as in this case, a well-known site where you copied us a post (of course without permission) and who have suffered the penalty. According to a top san antonio seo consultant there are certain penalties that take up to a year to remove if your not  careful with seo for your blog.

Test search, for example, to “get followers Twitter” and see where the copy and look appears to see if you find original post (you’ll find other posts of this blog, but not the original post copy, at least not in the first 5 pages of results …).

If you wish to not pass this, a recommended countermeasure is to use Google+ to share your content immediately after its publication. So you not only will spread your content via this channel, but also you ensure that Google’s indexing sooner (in the above example did not and you have seen the result …).

One last tip: if you want to check which sites you copied the Copyscape comes in handy tool. In this tool you can enter a URL and it will locate sites that contain whole or partial of the contents of this URL copies.
5. traffic that really matters is the recurring

And finally, one last tip: do not get obsessed with traffic and therefore the effort you put into SEO. Google is getting smarter making increasingly better SEO are drawn naturally good content and a good dose of common sense.

But also, typically, what interests the blogger is not gross traffic quality traffic but that is the recurring traffic. You’ve ever read the famous saying that “what you are looking for is no traffic, but readers.” Well that’s what you mean.

There are exceptions (like blogs / websites very oriented advertising revenue) but usually recurrent traffic is practically the only interests you because it is composed of people who really value your content and show some confidence in you.

It is those people that you really care because again read you again and again, regardless of the inventions of Google and it is those readers who may even become your own customers if you ask a professional activity related to blog topics because it’s people that you’ve established a certain relationship of trust is the most important for any type of sale base.

Traffic that comes to you from Google, usually, most people are ephemeral readers. They see you again, if you’re lucky, no bounce and have a look at some post, but do not re-read anymore because your niche is not their core interests. To give you an idea, in the case of this blog, for example, the recurring revenues remained stable at around 25% or so.

Indeed, it may be the case thanks to an excellent SEO work, the gross traffic grows every month, but go slowly decreasing recurrent traffic. If you stay on the surface you may think you’re fine when you’re really really bad. Maybe you’ve spent too much time in SEO and yet, increasingly neglected content.

Mistakes in Blog SEO Part 2

seo mistake 2This advantage is also known as the “long tail” (long tail) and the idea is to begin to position themselves in niche low competition which will allow you, as you go harder positioning (acquire more authority), have more strength to compete in less specialized niche related such as Click Depot San Antonio local seo services this is a niche phrase of SEO Services

That is, if you start competing for keywords such as “get Twitter followers fast”, “get followers Twitter easier” or “get followers Twitter quality” you will gradually get stronger to compete in a niche with increased competition as “very Twitter followers “and so on.
2 Compose the title first and then the rest

This point is closely related to the previous one.

Many people make, in my opinion, the mistake of writing the post first and then look for a title and also spend 30 seconds when the title for the post have been shot 4 hours or more. All this when it is known that the title is precisely the key factor for you to read or not.

The logic is that you do the opposite, that you are clear about what to write and within this, what specific issues you want to play. I will post better because better will keep the focus on the issues that you have defined from the title, which the reader would appreciate.

Incidentally, the fact that the exercise of identifying lines of content with the right keywords will make it much easier and more natural to incorporate them in drafting the post to which you will automatically work better SEO.
3 Do not think like you, learn to think like your readers

It is very typical for bloggers beginners at first not be able to step into the shoes of your readers, to think like them. One of the clearest examples is how to project the way to search for your potential readers.

Has happened to me more than once the same story: the illusion that enters a brand new blogger when first seen in the results of Google.

Whenever I find a little illusion so well know when you start with this, but it should be clear these issues soon. So I always ask “But the soul of a pitcher, how many people do you think will do exactly that search …” and “In the network, how many posts do you think that there have exactly that title? ”
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Mistakes in Blog SEO Part 1

seo mistake 1In the discipline of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are many many tricks and techniques to optimize the SEO of a blog.

So far, this issue of “SEO for bloggers” series find out more. I have focused on these techniques and tricks, especially in the most basic and most effective.

Today I want to talk about the major mistakes that I made at the time in relation to SEO and that what I have observed, are very representative of the mistakes that many people comment.

If there is a concept you have to understand when you think your position your website or blog is the long tail (“long tail”) of SEO.

This concept means that when are more generic search (fewer words), more often sought, but also the greater the competition greatly.

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It is very typical for bloggers beginners get too niche competition (niches where there are many web sites well positioned authority), a very bad idea for a site that does not have authority over the Internet.

If you create a blog and you try to position yourself so generic keyword such as “trendy” or “summer fashion” because you take clear niche and competition is brutal, first, you have nothing to do. You’re not going to be positioned on the first page of search results that is where you are interested in being (the clicks on the other are negligible), no one will click on your links and therefore receive no links and no progress through authority in your niche.

This can be seen very well with the free Keyword Tool Google AdWords. For any combination of keywords will tell you how many monthly searches are and what level of competition are (web sites that want to position these words).

Reasonable position to start a blog niches move in low competition and a range between a few hundred and a few thousand searches a month. For a blog that begins, usually the most appropriate search keywords three or four.

That is to say, in this case it is less. The more specific keywords are used, fewer searches are made, but most (in fact, many more …) chances you have to position yourself in the first page of Google results (which is all that really matters).

The 14 SEO mistakes that can derail your web project

seo mistakeIf so sure you’ll always alert for any mistake you can make. Do not worry, no mistake to learn and every mistake you make SEO learn a valuable lesson according to this website.

However, there are a few SEO mistakes universal in which all tend to fall at first by the lack of experience … Are you ready to identify them?
SEO First error: careful when choosing keywords

The first step in any process of web optimization is the search and selection of keywords (or keywords). At this stage ill-chosen keywords will condition all actions we take afterwards so you should pay special attention to this issue.

Generally, when we begin to use the keyword tool from Google Adwords in order to investigate the level of each keyword searches, usually focusing searches with broad match ignoring the exact level searches.

For example, if we look at Adwords “master in online marketing” we find these results:
adwords keyword tool

There is not much difference between “broad” and “exact” into the AdWords keyword search.

If only we interesásemos by extensive searches we could conclude that by placing the words “master in online marketing” would get about 1000 hits per month … but if you check the exact searches we realize that the reality is very different.

Another mistake is to estimate the difficulty of positioning a content based on global competition. In other words, Google would look at the terms master in online marketing and we would find a race of nearly 107 million pages …

Demoralizing ¿? Yeah sure but if we use other indicators of competition and competition in title using the advanced search command allintitle see that the competition is not as vast as one might imagine, there are only 805 pages that contain all the words “master in online marketing” in its title.

The SEO beginners tend to ignore the quality of competition. For example, in our previous search should analyze the top ten: who do we have at the top?

We found strong competitors such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​a ranking created by Five Days (Page Rank 7) and several business schools with domain authorities quite strong so we have to work hard if we want to reach the top ten for that search.
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SEO Errors in content creation

Although we often hear “Content is King” SEOs we often make many mistakes in content creation. The reason? Because the principle is to maintain a lexical keyword density between 2% and 5%.

With a keyword density of less than 2% we will not be distinguishing these from the remaining terms and Google will find it hard to find the theme of the page.

Otherwise (and other SEO widespread mistake) is the over-optimization of content, in other words, write with lexical densities above 5%. If you want to position a page for the words “SEO mistakes” per hundred words and put these keywords 8 times the result will be overwhelming for both the user and Google will penalize your content.

It is also a very common mistake to think that the content is text only … ignoring images, infographics and videos. Optimize this kind of content will not only allow us to obtain traffic and new links but also help us to strengthen the positioning of the page SEO as a whole.

On the other hand many authors still optimize title and description attributes. In these cases show up in your Google search results the title and description as necessary. But this way our search results appear jagged (most search engines display only the first 60-70 characters of the title tag and the first 160 of metadescription cutting the rest), will not be attractive or descriptive.

Nor is usually optimized URLs. Depending on the blog that you use CMS or even URLs Google friendly will default (a friendly URL should contain only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens). We tend to neglect and CMSs like WordPress URLs use the title as a basis to automatically create the same … creating URLs too long. Therefore I recommend writing short URLs that focus exclusively on the keywords you want to position.
If this topic interests you blogging, not miss our collection of the best resources for blogs & bloggers

It is also common shortage of text content, especially in the tabs of the e-commerce products. However, the Google Panda update 25 is directed to penalize precisely those e-commerce sites whose product sheets are limited to display a title with a photo. Each page should contain a text of at least at least 300 words.
SEO Link Building Mistakes

Normally the top usually obsessed with the number of links without looking at the quality. The way to build links from the previous step to Penguin continues and we have to change our way of working. Now premium quality over quantity and, in fact, a link shoddy far from help can get penalized.

Another common mistake is to differentiate SEO activity of the Community Manager. This is a serious mistake because the social links are increasingly important when locating content. We must build and optimize our own profiles to enhance the promotion of this content being active in these social channels continuously participating in the groups and communities in our sector. Finally, you should provide all your content you may share placing attractive and visible social buttons.

And finally, watch the variety of anchor text. Link building has to be far more natural than ever and certainly if we always put in the text of the links our main keyword will not be natural. Therefore, maximizing the diversity of the links to look like they are being created naturally.
The worst mistakes in SEO

There are two particularly damaging errors that may seriously harm our page and therefore should control them.

The SEO gravest mistake of all is to place the attributes “no index” and “no follow” by mistake. Of course if you put them in a data sheet need not be very serious but … what if you put them in the home? In a few days you will notice how your organic traffic will be dropped to the third party.

The last error, and with which I take leave of you, is to build links indiscriminately ignoring the subject, language and quality.

Content is king, it is true, but a good SEO makes a big difference in the degree to which you’ll be able to really get performance that content. Good content is essential as long as by many techniques that will apply to the dissemination of this content, if this foundation fails, things just will not work.

But nevertheless, a good content that does not accompany a dissemination activities based on effective online marketing techniques and search engine optimization, it is likely that it is far from reaching its true potential.

What is the social SEO Linkbuilding Part 2?

seo linkbuilding 2Participating in communities or Google Plus Linkedin seo groups - not only amplify your reach, you will also serve to achieve new and helpful links, and expand your own community if you share quality content.
Create an optimized character to your industry

Users are reluctant to share corporate content to share content from other users so … Why not create an optimized profile?

Can you doubt that they are well executed but this strategy will multiply the effectiveness of your Social Link Building.

But I do not mean to create profiles crude unoptimized where only your own content. This person should have life, you have to join communities and share relevant content either own or another sector.
Enjoy Facebook in your social link building

Facebook is the social network with more users worldwide. Do not want to dwell too much on this network but I would like to discuss their particular opportunities regarding social link building:

Contests and sweepstakes are a great source of generating links on Facebook.
Facebook groups are still effective to promote content.
Create your own fan page and build a community by sharing your most compelling content.

Use Twitter to build links

Synthesis to forcing Twitter to its limitation to 140 characters has an advantage: it fits the attention span of all users.

Building community is much simpler on Twitter than other social networks, so take off in this channel is relatively simple.
Is extremely simple thanks to Twitter, crucial to involve relevant profiles.

Google Plus, essential in your link building strategy

Unlike previous social networks, links Google Plus profiles remain dofollow, bringing more value to our page.
Capture information from a community of Google+

Capture information from a community of Google+

Actively involved in communities to get Google Plus +1 and new contacts.
Create your own community to add an additional link to your page.
As with Facebook, you can create your own fan page to promote your own content.

Linkedin also be interested in us for many sectors

Despite its professional, Linkedin can be very effective for certain sectors (training, etc.). Regarding the social link building, we may be interested for several reasons.

Linkedin groups allow you to share your content easily with some professional interested in your sector.
As a networking tool, LinkedIn is very useful for getting new contacts to display very receptive to the publication of your new content.

And finally use Pinterest for SEO

Pinterest, the social network images and photographs, is also useful for social link building. Beside a follow link in the “Web Site” section and possible to link your Twitter and Facebook profiles, it has other important features.

Pinterest is an authentic link building machine, so just press the button “Pin It,” choose the board and oversee the description.
Even though the image itself is already in itself a link, if you put a link in the description you will increase the CTR.
Pinterest allows you to place links in comments that you leave on images of other users.


The social link building is one of the few forms of link building that works today and those companies that can properly promote your content can reach the top positions of search results.

But nevertheless, if promote content will not accompany effective procedures for promotion in social networks, it is likely that it is far from reaching its true potential.

What is the social SEO Linkbuilding Part 1?

seo linkbuilding 1With the latest updates search algorithm Google social link building gaining importance day by day according to Click Depot Dallas rated number one for seo in Atlanta… The reasons?

Because we belong to the “social media generation”. Increasingly spend more of our leisure time to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
Because users attach much value to the votes and comments posted on the social networks … even though we do not know the person who posts them. If we read negative comments about a local Foursquare possibly change our decision to go to him.

In short, SEO is moving toward social networks and, therefore, the link building techniques should be geared toward the Social Link Building … Are you ready?
First step in building social link: create your own social profiles

In the social link building self-promotion is key to getting a good SEO positioning. Therefore, we study are the most effective for our industry are social networks. The effectiveness depends not only on the number of users Facebook is the social network with more active users on the planet, but is completely ineffective to promote certain content.

Usually, in most social networks we can build a link to our site or our blog.

These channels will be our main way of promoting our own generating content and links users to share us.
It facilitates users to share your content

Regardless of the quality of the content itself, but make it easier for users to share what we are losing many social links.

Therefore, it is elemental buttons include the major social networks in our posts, pages, categories and product sheets.
Identifies and involves the most important sections of your industry

In social networks is elementary “evangelize” the most influential industry profiles. The importance of these profiles is because:

Have authority in the sector and therefore their social links have more value.
They will get engage their followers.

To identify these profiles would not set me both in number of followers (which can be purchased) but the number of interactions they have with them.

Do not forget that we are dealing with people so if you want to count on your cooperation will have to work a little. Name them, share your content, so link your articles. Gradually you get to be the ones you mention and share your content social boosting your link building strategy.
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Kindness and transparency are key to convey confidence

Trust, that’s the essence of the success of our actions in social networks. You have to earn users promoting interesting content, that add value and, of course, are not misleading.

Remember, you’re dealing with people and showing kindness and always welcomes users to collaborate with you.